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25mm Tube Inserts With Stiffened Felt for Metal Chair & Furniture Legs | Made in Germany | Keay Vital Parts

25mm Tube Inserts With Stiffened Felt for Metal Chair & Furniture Legs | Made in Germany | Keay Vital Parts

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Introducing Keay Vital Parts Felt Tube Insert Gliders - The Perfect Solution for Smooth and Silent Furniture Mobility & the Ultimate Floor Protection, proudly made in Germany!

Are you tired of the constant scratching noise that your furniture makes while moving across the floor? Do you want to protect your precious hardwood or tiled floors from unsightly marks and damages caused by furniture legs? Look no further! Our Felt Tube Insert Gliders, expertly crafted in Germany, are here to revolutionise the way you move your furniture.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, these gliders are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. They feature synthetic needle felt (polyester) which is heat bonded and stiffened, ensuring a sturdy and reliable glide every time.

ORDERING GUIDE - PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING - For further information, kindly refer to the ordering guide included in the images.
For round tube inserts, we recommend customers to measure the OUTER diameter of the tube to find the correct size required. For example, if the outer diameter of the tube is 30mm and the tube has a wall thickness of 0.8mm to 2.5mm, then the 30mm tube inserts will fit.


Key Features

Superior Felt Technology: Crafted with premium synthetic stiffened needle felt, ensuring durability and silent movement for an exceptional gliding experience.
Floor Protection: Say goodbye to scratches and dents on your floors. Our gliders act as a soft buffer between furniture and flooring, suitable for both commercial and domestic use.
Effortless Installation: Easily attach the gliders to furniture legs without the need for adhesives, saving you time and hassle.
Versatile Design: Compatible with chairs, tables, sofas, and more, these gliders work on various surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, and tile.

Transform your furniture with our Felt Tube Insert Gliders, ensuring floor protection and seamless mobility across various settings and furniture types. Experience effortless movement and peace of mind, knowing your floors are safeguarded. Say farewell to noisy, damaging movements and welcome the smooth, silent gliding your floors deserve. Invest in long-lasting quality and reliability from Germany today!

Please note that the main image serves as a representation of the product, and slight variations in appearance may occur between different sizes due to limitations inherent in the manufacturing process.

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Customer Reviews

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Stuart McCallum
You need these!

Followed the instructions for measuring and ordered full set of these to replace all the chairs legs. The stiffened felt is perfect for Amtico floors.
They fitted perfectly and you would think they were to measure for the stools. better than the original brittle plastic feet