Collection: Domed Square Tube Inserts

Domed Square Tube Inserts End Caps - Available in 25x25mm & 30x30mm - Made in Germany

Our Domed Square Tube Inserts are made in Germany with precision machinery & engineering using the highest quality materials which means they are built to last. These Square Tube Blanking End Caps are designed for commercial & domestic use as finishing inserts for square metal tubes, pipes or square hollow sections (SHS) & as end caps for furniture such as chair feet. Our Square Plastic End Caps provide a professional finish & safeguard against sharp tube ends. They also seal square tubes/pipe ends adding resistance to many common factors such as moisture & dirt increasing the longevity of square metal tubes/pipes.

  • Ideal to be used as gliders on Metal furniture, School Chair Feet, Stackable chairs, Garden Furniture, Contract Furniture, Restaurant Chairs, Cafe Chairs etc.
  • Can be used with straight as well as angled furniture/chair legs with up to 40-degree angles.
  • Finishing for box section projects
  • Protection for the internal section of metal tubes
  • Safeguard against sharp edges
  • Blanking square hollow structures
  • Provides a clean, safe & professional finish for metal objects
  • Available in 25x25mm & 30x30mm
  • Made in Germany