Collection: Adjustable Furniture & Appliance Feet 20mm, 25mm & 30mm Diameter Base - M8, M10, M12

Adjustable Feet Levelling Feet - Available in M8 M10 M12 - Made in Germany
Our adjustable feet are made in Germany with precision machinery & engineering using the highest quality materials which means they are built to last. These adjustable levelling feet are designed for commercial, domestic & industrial use and are suitable to be used as furniture feet, table feet, appliance feet, workbench feet, machine feet, and shelving feet in restaurants, hotels, bars, offices, workshops, warehouses around the world. Our Adjustable feet come in a wide variety of base sizes and thread sizes and are weight rated making them suitable for many uses.
  • Ideal for levelling Appliances, Furniture or other equipment in domestic, commercial or industrial settings
  • High Quality Galvanised Steel Screw - DIN 558-4.6-A2F (zinc-plated)
  • Weight Rated: M8 = 400kg, M10 = 550kg, M12 = 650kg
  • Base 20mm & 25mm: Polyamide (PA)
  • Base 30mm: Polypropylene